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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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to the environment saying it does not do enough to reduce emissions especially greenhouse. chevron says the land is good for the community but opponents are not buying it. >> as far as many of us are concerned in the community, chevron has zero credibility. there is no reason to trust them because they have consistently throughout the history of our lives lied. >> the project delivers important community benefits, thousands of local construction jobs, 1,300-related jobs and $30 million invested to reduce greenhouse emissions and create green jobs locally. >> if you would like to express an opinion you have another chance. tonight there is a meeting at a ok at john f. kennedy high school in richmond. if the plan clears it will go to richmond city council.
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accepting news in texas authorities have charge add man in a violent shooting rampage killing six members of his family including four of his children. he killed two boys and two girls between four and 14 along with their parents in a houston suburb of spring, texas. he surrendered last note after three hour stand off. a 15-year-old who was shot in the head called 9-1-1 and identified him warning deputies he was on the way to the grandparents home to kill them, next. >> it was the original clue we had to the amount of information we could gather on the suspect. >> she preside us the name of the person would shot them, where he was going and we quickly responded and caught him coming up to the residence where other relatives of the family lived and we assume he meant to shoot them, as well. >> the girl was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
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authorities say haskall is a relative and three and his wife are estranged and she lives out-of-state. shooting stems from a divorce. >> dodgers have not decided whether to appeal the verdict if bryan stow beating case after he was attacked outside the stadium. the verify was far-researching consequences on other ballparks including at&t. >> were any of the following negligence? dodgers? yes. >> the jury decided they did not provide enough security after the stadium parking lot when bryan stow was beat were by dodger fans norwood and sanchez opening day of 2011. he was left with permanent brain damage. >> it was a chain of events that happened. one thing led to another. >> bryan stow needs lifelong
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care was awarded $18 million in damages. the dodgers pay $14 million of that with authority wood and sanchez responsible for the rest. dodgers owner mccourt was cleared of negligence. >> it is a victory and it is a big weight off of our shoulders. >> the family regissed but giants third base coach says that his sister texted him expressing their disappointment. the family was asking for $37.5 million. >> they felt relieved that he was not held responsible at all. zero percent in the attack. yet, the $18 million awarded doesn't cover even the hospital bills that are owed already. >> hopefully this is a learning curve for all sports, sport franchises to make it safer for people would love the game. >> giant fans hope the verdict
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improves security across the league. >> you go to the sunday ballpark and it is out-of-control and it sets a precedent to owners and fans. >>the jury said the dodgers had a security plan but it broke down. >> dodgers beefed up security since the attack adding extra patrols and undercover officers. giants and a's have add the metal detectors and "wanding" fans. >> giants could ban fans from wearing culturally inappropriate clothing at at&t park. it stems from a group of fans wearing a fake head dress during a game against san diego last month on native american heritage night. two found this offensive but they were escorted from their seat. the team apologized.
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the giants are working on revising their policy on offensive language and signs banning offensive closing and intensive language. >> pg&e has discovered a flaw in the training for hundreds of employee whose work on the point line and says workers would fuse pipes were not completing requalification tests to keep their skills up. our media partner reports that the issue dates back several years. pg&e has halts the pipe work until 1,400 workers are reselfed but the pipes are safe. the planning commission of san francisco will tackle people renting out rooms in the city. the practice was popularized by airbnb which helps people publicize rooms for rent in homes or farms. commissioners are considering how to tax the rentals and creating a registry so units do not turn into hotels.
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the meeting starts at noon at city hall and the public is invited. >> a school board voted unanimously to immediately rename a middle school after civil rights leader. the unified school district made the decision to rename portola middle school after a spirited debate. long time residents opposed this saying portola is part of the history. one opponent is threatening legal action to block the name change and the school currently under reconstruction at a new location plodges away from the previous campus. >> homeland security chief johnson goes before a senate competent to make the case for an emergency spending package to tackle the flood undocumented children coming into the united states. the testimony comes a day after president obama met with texas governor perry to discuss the crisis. the president wants perry to use his influence with republican lawmakers to back the legislation and solve the
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crisis. >> the useful question not for the governor but for speaker boehner and mcconnell and the other members of the texas delegation, why not pass a bill to give us additional resources to solve the problem you say is urgent? the president says $4 billion approved could be addressing the increased board security and providing care to thousands of children. what a pleasant night for game three of the series at at&t pack last might and probably especially pleasant for giants fans. >> the home cooking work? they have another home game today but it will be day. it will be sunshine and breezy and mid-60. wear sunscreen. the pain layer is taller than yesterday so that means no fog unless you drive up into the clouds, nine miles at half moon bay.
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if you headed into san francisco, 58 across the golden gate bridge and 59 in ferry builting to 58 in downtown. fells are in the mid-to-upper 50's until belmont at 60 and walnut creek at 60 and 62 in tracy. we are going to see sunshine a bit slower with sea breeze stronger and temperatures are below average and cooler than year especially inland where we are at 60 and mid-70's at noon and upper 70's at 4:00 and low 70's by condition and we are in the upper 50's to 60 at the bay at 7:00, and mid-70 by 4:00 but back average the low-to-mid 60's at 7:00. leyla gulen? ace train one is on time and 22 trains are rolling with bart. we have high wind advisory
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all lanes. highway four, it is moving along swiftly from antioch to hercules. at i-80 westbound from ford to the maze is 16 minutes. northbound highway 87 in san jose from 85 to the san jose airport you are looking at eight-minute commute. so far, so good, with career conditions and in accidents. a loving wife and mother suddenly hit with debilitating aneurysm and the community and strangeers are helping out. >> random act of kindness inspiring a neighbor to lend a helping hand. >> israel's rocket assault if gaza grows more intense with the follow after three days of aerial
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covering santa rosa, berkeley and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for 50-year-old woman arrested in a bicycle theft sting in the north bay. the woman was ad last month for having 130 stolen bicycles. she was storing some of the bicycles in her home. the sheriff says that she bought them from thieves. victims wanting to claim their bicycles have to provide serial numbers are other identifying markings. >> six flags magic mountain is facing a lawsuit after one of the roller coasters derails leaving 22 riders dangling in the air for hours. the "los angeles times" says two visitors on the ninja when a branch hit the ride are suing the park. the suit filed in los angeles county superior court say they failed to provide a safe and fit
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vehicle. four were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. a representative for six flags declined to comment. >> the wife of l.a. clippers' owner donald sterling seeks to sell the team for $2 billion to former microsoft c.e.o. ballmer. donald sterling yesterday wrapped up his testimony say he will never sell the l.a. clippers and promised a lifetime of lawsuits again the nba and at the end of the row seedings she tried to approach her husband and he shouted "get away from me you pig." the judge admonished him from commenting further and the nab has banned donald sterling for life for making racist comments on tape. >> a bay area appeal is in crisis after a young mother suddenly collapsed from an people are stepping up to help her. >> on fourth of july our
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daughter collapsed at home and we discovered she had an room on friday and i was thinking, what can i do? i released i could try and raise money and help them cover some of the expenses they will incur. >> she launched a go fund me page and stunned the next morning. >> by the time we woke up the next morning there was $22,000 in there. >> it soared to over $74,000. >> it is so way beyond the financial...the biggest response we have had is i'm praying, we will be if prayer. >> messages have flowed if from guam, from brazil, all rooting for the young mom to recover. >> there are no more surgeries
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planned for heidi crouch. it is about healing. >> before the kids go to bed i ask them if they would like to record a message to mommy on my phone so i can take it to the hospital the next day. i take that in and play it. >> i knew i loved her but i realized the whole community loves her and people cross the we world love her and are following the story. >> at stanford hospital for abc7 news. >> if you would like to help we have information on our website at >> an act of generosity is capturing the hearts people in concord. a, worry at a grocery told abc that a man if his late 20's went into the store on tuesday and offered to pay for other people's groceries. he spent more than $800 on the good deed. customers were amazed. >> it awesome that someone would have that in their heart to for
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others. there are so many people out of work. >> when asked why, the man replied "why not." it is inspiring others to pay it forward and customers are dropping off bags of food. >> made it is contagious, hidden cash giving away money and now groceries, keep doing it, bay area. go viral. >> baseball game, we can't stop talking about it. >> the giants finally woman. congratulations. we hoped they would split. >> everyone is happy. >> they are both fighting, one to hang on to first place and one to return to first place. >> good to know. get the mojo back. mid-60, plenty of sunshine and breezy at at&t park. cooler in the shade and warmer in the none.
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live doppler 7 hd shows how kauai it -- how quiet it is. patchy drizzle is likely. more of us will see it then. the cloud deck is above the bay bridge from the exploritorium with temperatures cooler-than-average and our air mass is modify by the sea breeze and pulling in the cooler weather. the next couple of nights, drizzle is more likely and the warming trend begins this week end. we have possibility of drizzle along the coast this morning and it takes longer, noon, for sure, to get the clouds out of the bay other than year and of the clouded crossing the golden gate bridge angel island and alcatraz and up to richmond and we will see the same single aereo play out with 60's along the coast and 70's and 80's so a smaller threat than early this week. we will talk about to the south, you nearly 80 in los gatos and
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gilroy and mid-to-upper 70's and san jose at 78. low-to-mid 70's from san mateo, palo alto, to los altos and milbrae is shy of 69. low-to-mid 60's in the coast and downtown and south san francisco and in the north bay, mid-70's, low-to-mid 70's is all in the valleys and because of the breeze and the extra cloud, berkeley and oakland and emeryville, all in the upper equity and low-to-mid 70's and as we head into the east bay valley we have upper 70's through the san ramon valley but to highway four and live more we have low-to-mid 80's. tonight, look if the cloud cover a is coming backs again, with patchy drizzle and chestable sleeping traditions. >> now, it is going did show tomorrow a lot like today and the warming trend begins on saturday can back to average starting sunday and especially on monday, tuesday, and wednesday we should be above average but, notice, nothing is
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out-of-control. you can always go the coast and we are in the 60. >> nothing out-of-control about our traffic this morning. good morning, everyone, at 4:49. we have quiet conditions across the bay area and areas of construction and this is one area, wrapping up in 15 minutes and westbound 80 to east 80 and 580 connection where we have the entire connection blocked off with detours in place, as well, and slowing. folks are maybe getting confused this and it is bottlenecking so watch out. as we pull out from the drive along highway 24 in the westbound direction from walnut creek you are moving along at top speed with no delays from the caldecott tunnel and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and we have cool conditions and the rest of the track funneling noisily from emeryville. this morning, french police are revealing they have stopped a terrorist attack targeting the
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eiffel tower and the louvre art museum involving algerian butcher living in the south of france. police decoded messages betweened butcher and the highest ranking members of al qaeda and the butcher was arrested before he left algeria to be trained by the group. israel's assault on the gaza strip continues with more than 300 hamas targets have been hit. 75 palestinians have been killed in the three day offense i. israel is targeting underground tunnels and rocket launching sites and iron dome missile system is proving successful in intercepting rockets from gaza and 40,000 israeli rememberrists have been called up as part of a ground invasion of the trip. >> coming up, tweet much? what you may be revealing about your personal life. >> the opportunity of a history time for 49ers fan, ask how you can watch the team in action
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at the stadium before the season opens. >> a new film for daredevils, take a plunge on this, the tallest water slide.
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good morning, everyone, at 4:53 and this is as a result from of the eastern span of the bay bridge all quiet. so far traffic wise, according to leyla gulen and make has the trust with another mild day. >> i am putting down my cell phone because #heartbreak those who actively tweet more likely to have relationship problems. the university of missouri study is based on fewer than 600 users showing twitter use and frequents arguments led to greater conflict which resulted in cheating, breakups or divorce. the same researcher had a similar fining on facebook users
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last year. >> doesn't count fur professionally tweeting. >> like us. >> right. >> 49ers have a limit number of fans a chance to watch the action during train practice with free tickets in online drying for august 4 and august 20. the winners are announced tomorrow and an officer specifically for residence of santa clara to attend a third practice august 15. 4:54, a day of sports with afternoon game at 12:35, sunfully and breezy and warming to 66 and it will be delightful unless you for get to wear the sunscreen 6 here is what will happen across the state, 82 and thunderstorms at lake tahoe and thunderstorms and 95 in yosemite, and notice the cooler weather in sacramento can cloudy and 64 at monterey and sea breeze affecting los angeles and
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san diego is 75 and headed out into the desert, 10 in palm springs. >> as we head into the east bay we have the bulk of our construction projects and this will wrap up in five minutes southbound 880 from davis street to marina boulevard we still have lanes blocked but, again, they will clear up soon. further to the south and the northbound direction this project from dakota road to fremont boulevard on northbound 880 is going to be a few lanes taken away until 6:00 and we will look away from hayward into foster city along the we san mateo bridge you can see very clear conditions making it across the water in 12 minutes to the peninsula. kristen and katie? several stations you rely on are closed this weekend for construction work. the santa clara valley transportation authority needs the team to speed up construction of the new upon debt track which will hold a train needed for the anticipated increase in ridership to the new
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levi stadium and six light rail stations are closed and they will be back on for service on monday. >> recreational pot may have gone on sale this week in walk but in berkeley some patients can get their medical marijuana for free. the city council ruled dispensaries must give away at least 2 percent of product to low-income parents who must be berkeley residents and a member of the city dispensary and make less than $32,000 a year. the free pot has to be the same quality as other marijuana that is sold. in kansas city the tallest water slide is finally making its debut. 168 feet of stomach dropping thrills opening today. safety concerns postponed the launch they times. officials worked with regulators
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to tweet the incline and install the state net. now the ride is ready to go but before you can take the heart-pounding plunge, katie, you have to navigate 264 steps to the top. >> such a good work out. were those screams of joy or terror? >> 4:57. chevron plans to modernize the refinery and they hit major opposition from the community and neighbors do not trust the oil giant and additional opposition is faced today. >> from high priced call girl to accused killer, what is next for the woman who gave a silicon valley technical executive a lethal dose of heroin. >> a father outside of houston opened fire on the family killing children.
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news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy friday eve at 5:00, but, first, over to meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. it will be a nice commute as far as the lack of fog with santa rosa at seven miles per hour visibility the temperatures are short of normal for this time of year with the warmest days of the summer. it will not feel like it today, mostly sunny and 68 to 79 into


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